When I move around the city I actively search for locations that could be interesting for night photography. I’ve been cycling past this location for some time now, thinking it could work for a photograph. The weather hasn’t been what I’ve been looking for though. Winter changes the environment drastically, often between days. From a darkness and lifelessness to a white fairy land and eventually to slush before the winter comes back with a revenge and covers the world in ice trying to kill you in the process. The snow, ice and slush can all be handled, the main challenge for photography is the cold. It not only destroys battery life, if you’re not careful you it can freeze your fingers off while trying to handle the camera, even with gloves.

When the weather finally became warmer and brought with it fog, I decided to go and try some of the locations I had found meanwhile. The level of fog seemed to vary between places, from thick in some places to not at all, or just visible as here. Still enough to change the atmosphere of the photo and I liked the effect. I wasn’t happy with the photo just as such, though. Cars were passing by now and then, so I experimented with capturing light trails. The results were not very good, one reason was the lack of traffic. Only now and then some cars would pass, I was lucky to just get two cars in the same picture.

Eventually I got something that stood out. The bus stopping was an unexpected but subtle enough detail to make the picture more interesting. It didn’t create a trail, rather a blurred picture that still clearly shows what it is. I could of course have composited together different light trails. However I figured there was no point in trying to show it as a busy street with lots of traffic. The characteristic off the place was, after all, calm and quiet.

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