May Photoshop Challenge – Reviewing the Results

May Photoshop Challenge Results May has already ended a few days ago, so it is time for me to review my Photoshop Challenge! In short, it was a successful way of getting myself to use Photoshop more. The reason I set this challenge for myself was the limitations of Lightroom, which I were bumping into more and more. Photoshop requires a different way of thinking, but it is so more

My First Attempt at Luminosity Masks – Photoshop Challenge Part VII

A Powerful Tool How to do Luminosity masks is definitely the most important Photoshop Technique I’ve learned this month. Also the most difficult one, it was even a bit intimidating to get started. In short, luminosity masks are a way of controlling the luminosity or brightness of a selected tonal value in the picture. Kind of like the lights/darks sliders in Lightroom but you can define the range of each

house in foggy sunrise

A Foggy End to the Spring

Long Awaited Weather At the end of April I had a lot of luck with the weather and got exactly the foggy conditions I had been waiting for. During these few nights I cycled between to the locations I had scouted earlier. Some worked very well, others not but I even found a lot of new and unexpected ones. Some of pictures have been included in other posts (here and

The Last of Winter – Some Thoughts about Photographing My Surroundings

An Unexpected Find I had almost given up finding any interesting subject when I saw a park with trees that could potentially work. Looking closer I noticed the clear reflections in the thin layer of water on the ice. Now I knew I would have some images from this day! The reflections are so overpowering that they become the main point of interest. If I hadn’t payed attention I could

Filling the Star Gaps! Photoshop Challenge Part 1.5

Filling the Star Gaps Finding a solution for filling the star gaps promlem turned out to be, well, interesting. I found a  free software, StarStax, that not only has a gap filling function but also blends star trail photos. For comparison, picture 1 is a closeup of the blending result from last post. The results (picture 2) are a bit mixed, yes it did fill the gaps but mostly in

Star Trail Stacking – Photoshop Challenge Part I

Star Trail Stacking Part I of the May Photoshop challenge Blending multiple exposures into a star trail photo, or star trail stacking, turned out to be much easier than I expected. Simply import and process. The computer does all the job but it does indeed require a lot of processing power and RAM. The reason for stacking rather than doing one long exposure is be able to control the exposure. If

Something Completely Different: Experimenting with Food Photography

Experimenting with Food Photography Lately I’ve been experimenting with food photography, which has been a fun creative practice. Photographing food might not be so highly regarded since people in general associate it with Instagram snaps. However, if you think about food photography as still life photography it is a very good practice of light, color and composition. By no means is it easy to make an aesthetic photo of food, it

The Castles in Kızkalesi

One of my favorite locations in Turkey is definitely Kızkalesi, a small resort town in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Being a resort it’s usually packed during summers. However, winter means the sun worshipers have left and the beaches are empty. It becomes perfect for people like me who neither like hot weather nor crowds. Landscape photography also becomes easier and the unpredictable weather in November is perfect for making interesting

The Shortest Night

The lack of darkness in summer In the Nordic countries makes night photography difficult. Attempting astrophotography before late summer is more or less pointless. Landscape photography in general can also be problematic since the sun sets very late and rises only a few hours afterwards. If you want to use both, you wont be getting much sleep. On the other hand if you have the time and determination you can stay up