Two different perspectives on the same location

sunrise, river
before sunrise

Returning to the same locations many times is the modus operandi of many landscape photographers. With different light, time of day and change of season the same location can take on many different shapes. One of the locations I frequent is the river nearby. Just a few kilometers from the city center the landscape surrounding it opens up to fields and forests. This summer I've been going here during sunrise in foggy conditions.

The two pictures above were taken during two different days and if you look closely it is the exact same tree from opposite directions. However, they could have been taken during the same day. The first one is taken just after sunrise while the second was made some time before. These two pictures clearly illustrate how different types of light affect the mood in a photo. It's interesting how two distinct feelings can be found in the same location only a short time apart. This becomes very important considering what you want to say  or express with your photos.

In general when I see landscape photography being discussed, it is about method. Either gear, technique or being at the right place at the right time. However, method is just the beginning - when you know how to play your instrument it is time to start thinking about what you want to say. Photography can of course just be a fun activity of capturing pretty pictures, but I feel that I need to take it beyond that. To really give it some thought about what I want to say with my photography. This, however is a topic that I will have to develop further in another post.


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