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For the last month or so I’ve been trying some different things from what I usually do. Mostly because I’ve wanted to learn more about studio photography. Not just about studio portraits but also how to light things in general. The extremely cold weather has certainly also impacted my motivation to do night photography. Still I have been outside some nights but I haven’t been satisfied with the results.

In the coming months I will try more different things and write about the results here. Besides learning how to use flashes I want to deepen my skills in Photoshop by trying out different techniques and methods. To see if I can have any use of them. Don’t worry though, I will not post anything resembling clown vomit!

Another thing I’ve wanted to do is to try out older manual focus lenses on my Fuji system. Mostly the M42 lenses on the picture above, but also some other brands. I’ve only used them now and then, so doing at bit more systematic tests could be interesting. 

Of course I’ve actually been using the Zenit with film as well. It might not be the most advanced 35mm camera, but I happen to have lots of lenses for it and I like using it sometimes. I probably wont do so much film photography though, maybe I will shoot a roll per month or so. After all, I do like the process, especially working in the darkroom since it a provides “screen free zone”.

My main photographic interest for the coming month is still night landscapes though. The weather is getting warmer, so I will try to get the most out of the around two months of remaining dark skies before summer.

…and, oh yeah, if anyone is (still) using the new social media Vero, you can find me there too as Mikael R.

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