Finding a New Opportunity for Night Photography

Recently the zone between night and day (a.k.a. twilight) has become one of my favorite times of the day to photograph in urban environments. The street lights are still on to create a layer of interest and there is just enough natural light coming from the rising sun. Usually mornings are more interesting than evenings. Simply because there is a higher change for more varying weather conditions. Such as fog, frost and dew, which can provide another layer of interest. And, not to forget, less people are on and about. Otherwise I wouldn’t get the feeling of deserted streets. After the sun rises the mood changes dramatically. It is beautiful but not what I am looking for in this project.

Before I made this photograph I had been out photographing during a foggy night. The sun was almost rising and I was ready to go home. At this time of the year the days are getting longer, on the other hand the twilight is also longer. Many interesting opportunities might cone from this. Fortunately I decided to look around a little bit before going home. I went first to the river and then I realized the cathedral looked quite interesting covered in fog. I have taken many pictures of this location but this is definitely my favorite one. The combination of fog and street lights create a really special mood.

I will try to pay more attention to this time of the day in the future. Summer might turn out to be a great opportunity for this. The bright nights will put my normal night photography on halt anyway so I will definitely try to use the zone between night and day more. Of course, I have some other projects in mind for this time of the year as well, but more about that later…

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