ice reflections

An Unexpected Find

I had almost given up finding any interesting subject when I saw a park with trees that could potentially work. Looking closer I noticed the clear reflections in the thin layer of water on the ice. Now I knew I would have some images from this day! The reflections are so overpowering that they become the main point of interest. If I hadn’t payed attention I could easily just have cycled past it, which I had done during the day already. It definitely pays off looking for changing weather condition for landscape photography. Especially if you want to create unique photos. A few days later the ice had melted and the reflections were gone.

For landscape photography it is not necessary to travel far away to iconic locations. Just documenting the changing conditions in your surroundings works very well as a photo project. You can see how the same locations look in different light, seasons, time of day etc. Spending a very short time at a location wont give the same feeling for a place. On the other hand traveling to new locations can give new perspectives on things. And, of course, it is nice to get away now and then. Most people don’t have the opportunity to travel very often or for long times though. Photography can work as a way to look at your surroundings in a new way and help you pay attention to details you would normally just pass by. 

ice reflections

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