Two different perspectives on the same location

Returning to the same locations many times is the modus operandi of many landscape photographers. With different light, time of day and change of season the same location can take on many different shapes. One of the locations I frequent is the river nearby. Just a few kilometers from the city center the landscape surrounding it opens up to fields and forests. This summer I’ve been going […]

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Power Lines: An Unusual Subject?

Photographing Power Lines   After the nights became light I’ve been searching for new subjects to photograph. Unexpectedly, photographing power lines seems to have become the theme of this summer! Being a part of infrastructure they are not primarily designed with aesthetics in mind. It is easy to not pay any attention to them at all. I guess some people consider them an eyesore and usually landscape […]

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house in foggy sunrise

A Foggy End to the Spring

Long Awaited Weather At the end of April I had a lot of luck with the weather and got exactly the foggy conditions I had been waiting for. During these few nights I cycled between to the locations I had scouted earlier. Some worked very well, others not but I even found a lot of new and unexpected ones. Some of pictures have been included in other […]

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