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Experimenting with Food Photography

Lately I’ve been experimenting with food photography, which has been a fun creative practice. Photographing food¬†might not be so highly regarded since people in general associate it with Instagram snaps. However, if you think about food photography as still life photography it is a very good practice of light, color and composition. By no means is it easy to make an aesthetic photo of food, it does require a lot of adjusting and testing. This, of course, brings us to the other reason why food photography has a bad reputation. Namely using all sorts of tricks to make the food look fresh or better than it actually is. One (extreme) example is to use glue instead of milk when photographing cornflakes so they wont become soggy. This is where I draw the line, I still want to eat the things I photograph! There is enough food waste in the world already. And, besides, the most fun part of photographing food is to eat it!

Finding the Right Light

My indoor lights aren’t very pleasant so I’ve been avoiding those. To control the light I’ve mostly been using an off camera Speedlight with an umbrella. A white wall, or corner works well as a reflector. Window light also provides a great light source and it is easier to work with since you actually see what you get. The next step, in order to both control the light and to see the light in real time, is to make a light box. Which will be my next small project!

filled bell pepper dolma, paprika dolma
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