River Exploration – Searching for New Photo Locations

Unexpected Revelation

I've been returning to this location a few times during winter to take pictures of the same scenes in different light. My plan was to come back now in summer to photograph the same things in summer conditions. However, the change of seasons unexpectedly created completely different views to photograph. Right across the river there is a small, quite wild looking nature reserve which worked better than my original compositions. Combined with the reflection in the river (which is usually very brown) it made for an interesting composition. After looking at the map I realized it is actually quite a rare sight along the river. Mostly there are fields surrounding the river, at least at the distances that are convenient to reach by bicycle.

I might still be able to improve on these photos. There was some mist flowing on the surface but it was very thin and doesn't really show in this shots. If I come back earlier in the morning it might be thicker. But I need to be fast so that the flowers wont disappear! I will give this place some more tries and try to find more similar locations. Checking further upriver might, but probably wont, work for this. There are very few roads by the river making it quite difficult to access. Besides there are mostly fields further up anyway. On the other hand there are some other type of locations that are definitely worth checking out. So I will make the river the focus for this week.

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