River Exploration Part II

sunrise bridge runner

River Exploration

Exploring the area around the river during mornings has worked great for finding interesting places. My first location didn't seem to be very predictable for mist, unfortunately. Even though I went earlier there wasn't any more mist. It was floating along but not thick enough to show up in the photographs. I just have to wait for a foggy night to get what I envisioned, but that might not happen before autumn. If the weather doesn't get colder for a few days in summer, that is.

However, I found a different location where the mist was actually thick. I first tried to photograph it up close, to do that I had to wade through really wet grass. Which might actually not have been worth it. The pictures were just ok, not really good. When I was leaving I noticed it looked much better some distance away with the bridge also in the frame. A runner happened to pass by and including them made the picture much more interesting. As always it is good to not just stick to one subject or area, but to have a look around. For landscape photography flexibility is definitely a good thing.

For this time of the year I think I've found the locations around here. There is one more location next to the river that I will have a look at. Then I will leave the river exploration for now and try to use my locations when the right weather conditions occur. After that I will go to a new place a bit further away to scout more locations for my summer landscape photography.

bridge sunrise
iron forest anomaly
river foliage
more river foliage
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