Orton Effect on Foggy Photos? – Photoshop Challenge Part 6.5

The Orton Effect on Foggy Photos

As I mentioned in the previous post I wanted to try the Orton Effect on foggy photos to see if it enhances the foggy look. And the results are, well, mixed. To some extent it does improve the photos. For example, in the first picture, the branches become less sharp and therefore less distracting. One have to be really careful how much to apply it though. The effect does become very apparent at a certain point and it becomes obvious something odd has been done to the picture. In the second picture it did enhance the foggy look as intended. On the other hand it also made it look like a video game (in a bad way) even though I applied it sparingly.  Not really what I was going for...

As always when learning new post processing techniques a lot of experimentation is required. I will explore this effect further, it does have a place when applied very carefully. Unless you are going for a very distinct look, that is.

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