night sky panorama

Next Try at Night Sky Panorama

With this attempt I managed to solve some problems when making a night sky panorama, while others remain. First of all, I made in total 34 exposures with a Fujifilm 23mm lens. Now when I count the amount of frames I have, it does seem a bit overkill. I didn’t get that a wide image for the amount of work. I didn’t see any advantage with using this lens over the Fujifilm 18-55mm kit lens, probably because the sky didn’t get dark enough. Of course you get a higher resolution with more pictures, but I don’t really need that big an image.

One problem that I managed to solve, or at least find the reason for, is the dark edges between the stitched images. It was quite simple, just enable the automatic profile corrections for the specific lens and it compensates for lens artifacts. Most importantly vignetting, which caused my problem in this case. However it doesn’t always seem to remove it completely. Sometimes one might have to do more precise corrections in Photoshop.

The problem that persists is to stitch photos containing only stars with the rest of the panorama. Supposedly these exposures don’t contain enough information, since exposures containing the landscape blend without problem. I will have to try this again when it is darker to see if it solves the issue. If the Milky Way is included in the panorama it should be possible to blend more easily.

The next thing to try for making night sky panoramas will be super wide angle lenses. I don’t know how well Photoshop blends panoramas taken with this wide lenses. It would make the process much easier since it would drastically decrease the amount of exposures necessary. After all I want to streamline my post-processing so that I can spend more time outside shooting. But this will also be something to do in August when the night returns.

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