May Photoshop Challenge – Reviewing the Results

May Photoshop Challenge Results

May has already ended a few days ago, so it is time for me to review my Photoshop Challenge! In short, it was a successful way of getting myself to use Photoshop more. The reason I set this challenge for myself was the limitations of Lightroom, which I were bumping into more and more. Photoshop requires a different way of thinking, but it is so more powerful once you get accustomed to it. What definitely got me convinced was Luminosity Masks, thanks to which I managed to process one shot that I hadn't been able to in Lightroom.

I did most of what I set out to do and expanded with more techniques were I saw the opportunity.  The things I didn't do, well, they all have their own reasons. I couldn't do star tracking because the skies weren't dark enough to create the source material. Color grading makes more sense to do when I am more experienced with luminosity masks. Focal lenght stacking was something I chose not to finish at the end. I tried shooting some scenes for it but it didn't make any sense using it. Maybe I just need more suitable scenery?

Some things I tried were quite useless for me, like HDR. I more or less suspected it, I just had to try it to make sure. It is also good to have an open mind to different things. Before I tried the Orton Effect I didn't have high hopes for it. But it surprised me in a positive way and I might actually use it in the future. Most of the things I wanted to learn for some time now. Besides the luminosity masks, focus stacking, panoramas and star trail stacking will be essential techniques for me.

Looking Forwards

In any case I have accomplished my goal of learning more about what can be done with Photoshop and, most importantly, become more accustomed to using it. What I will do now is to edit my future landscape photographs in Photoshop and just do the overview in Lightroom. A good way to learn something is to repeat it.

The question I have to ask myself now here is whether I should go back and re-edit my old photos or not. Maybe after I've become better at luminosity masks.



Summary of the Challenge:

7 Luminosity Masks
6.5 Orton Effect on Foggy Photos
6 Orton Effect
4 Focus Stacking
3.5 Bigger Night Sky Panorama
3 Night Sky Panorama
2 Panorama Stitching
1.5 Filling the Star Gaps
1 Star Trail Stacking

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