Two different perspectives on the same location

Returning to the same locations many times is the modus operandi of many landscape photographers. With different light, time of day and change of season the same location can take on many different shapes. One of the locations I frequent is the river nearby. Just a few kilometers from the city center the landscape surrounding it opens up to fields and forests. This summer I’ve been going here during sunrise

Power Lines: An Unusual Subject?

Photographing Power Lines   After the nights became light I’ve been searching for new subjects to photograph. Unexpectedly, photographing power lines seems to have become the theme of this summer! Being a part of infrastructure they are not primarily designed with aesthetics in mind. It is easy to not pay any attention to them at all. I guess some people consider them an eyesore and usually landscape photographers try to

River Exploration Part II

River Exploration Exploring the area around the river during mornings has worked great for finding interesting places. My first location didn’t seem to be very predictable for mist, unfortunately. Even though I went earlier there wasn’t any more mist. It was floating along but not thick enough to show up in the photographs. I just have to wait for a foggy night to get what I envisioned, but that might

Orton Effect: Sharp but Blurry – Photoshop Challenge Part VI

The Orton Effect I first heard about the Orton effect from  Nick Page in one of his Landscape Photography Podcasts. The effect itself has been around for a few decades already though. Its creator, Michael Orton first experimented with it in the 1980’s by sandwiching two slides on top of each other. One of these slides would be sharp while the other one out of focus. Resulting in a painterly

River Exploration – Searching for New Photo Locations

Unexpected Revelation I’ve been returning to this location a few times during winter to take pictures of the same scenes in different light. My plan was to come back now in summer to photograph the same things in summer conditions. However, the change of seasons unexpectedly created completely different views to photograph. Right across the river there is a small, quite wild looking nature reserve which worked better than my


A Faster Summer than I Could Ever Have Hoped for

Lightning Summer According to statistics +30 degrees in the middle of May in Finland only happens a few times per century. As most people I was quite surprised when it was suddenly summer outside. And of course after a long, cold winter it feels extra good to have an early summer. For landscape photography many new opportunities arise, and others disappear temporarily with the change of season. The nights are

Exploring the Zone between Night and Day

Finding a New Opportunity for Night Photography Recently the zone between night and day (a.k.a. twilight) has become one of my favorite times of the day to photograph in urban environments. The street lights are still on to create a layer of interest and there is just enough natural light coming from the rising sun. Usually mornings are more interesting than evenings. Simply because there is a higher change for

My Year in Photography and some Things I don’t like about Instagram

Best Nine? After seeing some of the “best nine posts” on Instagram I went to the website and made my own. The result was, well, interesting. Not many of the nine most liked pictures were the same as my favorite pictures posted this year. Maybe not surprising, since usually the pictures I like more get less likes, for whatever reason. I didn’t take all of my posted pictures this year,

Moon Light Photography in Autumn

One of my favorite types of light conditions to shoot in is definitely moon light. Moon light  can be used for very interesting photographs but it has some unique challenges as well. Even though the moon phases are predictable, the chance of using this type of light completely depends on the weather. As with astrophotography in general, clouds and especially overcast tend to ruin the opportunity.  Full moon might bring