focus stacking
focus stacking

Now and then I’ve been at places where I’ve notice focus stacking could have improved some of my pictures by extending the depth of field. Learning this Photoshop technique has been in my mind for some time now. No reason to further postpone learning such an easy thing! Photoshop does all the hard work of blending again. Just put your camera on a tripod and take several shots, each focused on different points of depth in your frame. The scene I tried this on might not be the most spectacular or challenging one. It worked great as a first attempt though. My goal was to have both the rocks and the church tower in focus. Next I might try to do this on a closeup shot or even macro, which is something I’ve also wanted to experiment with.

Quick Guide:

-File → Script → Load into stack | Select files → OK | select all layers → Edit → Auto Blend Layer

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