Filling the Star Gaps

Finding a solution for filling the star gaps promlem turned out to be, well, interesting. I found a  free software, StarStax, that not only has a gap filling function but also blends star trail photos. For comparison, picture 1 is a closeup of the blending result from last post. The results (picture 2) are a bit mixed, yes it did fill the gaps but mostly in the brighter stars, the darker ones seem to be mostly unaffected. At the most extreme settings (picture 3) it kind of fills them out, but at the same time some artifacts are created. However I think I need to try it on more star trails photos to be able to see how useful it is. In this case it helped at little at least. When viewing at a larger size the gaps are definitely less visible. At least for publishing on the web, for printing it is a further challenge though.

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