I finally got some foggy conditions for doing city night photography. Now I faced a problem of a completely different nature: where should I go? The first location I tried was a familiar one, which unfortunately didn’t work. My main subject in the distance was completely obscured. One option would, of course, have been to continue to the harbor, I know that location will work. However, I already was there last week, and it really is one of the most photographed locations in the city. My pictures will just be the same as last time but with fog.

So I tried to go somewhere new, a hill in the center. This didn’t work either, I just got an ok photo of the observatory. Even though the park below it looked interesting in the fog, I realized trees and streetlights in fog are a real cliche. Still I decided to continue and try something else, but now I wasn’t at all sure where to go.


On my way down from the hill, some of the architecture looked quite interesting. After continuing a bit further, something quite interesting caught my attention: a Gothic looking staircase. I’ve walked past this place before, thinking about returning later but completely forgotten about it. As it usually is with already aesthetic things, you have to do something more than to just photograph them as they are. The snow, fog and night adds three layers, but I felt like I need to add something to make it more dynamic.

I continued up the staircase and found some more scenes before I headed back home.

What I can learn from this night is to search for more locations during the day and to be ready to change locations if one doesn’t work out. City night photography is very dynamic, it is quite straightforward to search for new locations even in the night. However I also fear that I will soon run out of places to go, I live in a small city after all. 

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