One night when I couldn’t sleep I noticed there was a thick fog outside. I went outside to take a look and decided I should get my camera gear and use the opportunity to photograph during a foggy night – instead of failing at sleeping. One of the first subjects I noticed was a house that still had the lights on. Often it is difficult to photograph fog in the night if there isn’t any strong directed light. This house provided exactly that. I continued walking, searching for subjects by going to locations I thought would be interesting.

When photographing I mostly use the areas surrounding me. Traveling to different and spectacular locations is nice but it is not always easy to do. Unless you stay a longer time landscape photography is a lot about luck to get the right weather conditions. I like returning to the same places to see them in different light, how they change between the seasons, and in different weather conditions. Fog is one of my favorite weather types, however not so easy to predict.

Lost at sea

The harbor turned out to be the most interesting area. Fog over the sea creates a feeling of infinity but can also feel claustrophobic. During a foggy night this feeling is emphasized. Since it was spring and the nights were already getting much shorter and soon the dawn was coming. Unfortunately the light didn’t change dramatically with the sunrise. Just a subtle change but still enough to change the feeling of the scene.

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