house in foggy sunrise
foggy sunrise

Long Awaited Weather

At the end of April I had a lot of luck with the weather and got exactly the foggy conditions I had been waiting for. During these few nights I cycled between to the locations I had scouted earlier. Some worked very well, others not but I even found a lot of new and unexpected ones. Some of pictures have been included in other posts (here and here). I thought I would put the rest together in this post. Of course I will also update my galleries soon, as I have managed to create almost a new gallery of night shots this winter.

Spring seems to be over now, at least it is definitely warm enough outside for it to be summer. After a long and cold winter it feels especially good that summer is early this year. I have a different landscape photo project planned for the white nights in the following months. Before I continue with my night sky photography in August, that is.


Rising Sun

I made this photograph when I was almost at home after a few hours out shooting in the night. Quite unexpectedly I saw the outline of the rising sun through the fog. Not my best picture from the day but a nice surprise nevertheless.

foggy sunrise, bridge, seagulls

Look Behind You

Another day I saw that the fog was very thick by the bridge over the river. My first attempts at finding an interesting composition weren’t very successful. When I was leaving I noticed it looked much better when the sun was shining at me through the fog. To be able to include more of the subject I went closer and to prevent the sun from blowing the highlights I placed it behind the bridge. While I was moving down, closer to the river I scared a bunch of seagulls. This, unintentionally added the final touch to the photo.

house, fog, powerlines, sunrise


When I first framed this shot I wasn’t sure whether to include the power lines or not. However, including them created an interesting contrast between the idyllic rural house and the industrial looking power lines. The small tree added further to the unsettling feeling of the picture. To increase the impression I adjusted the white balance to be colder but still warm enough to differentiate the sunlight hitting the house from the background.

bicycle in fog

Adding an Element

Since my main mode of transportation for my city night photography project has been my bicycle, I thought it would be great to include it in one of my photos. I tried a few different locations, which were already interesting by themselves. My goal was to make it more interesting by adding the bicycle as a subject. Both pictures have leading lines as a main compositional element and the inclusion of the bicycle adds an element to focus on. The leading lines might not be pointing to the subject but instead they show the way the subject will be going. Without the bicycle they are still ok photos, they would just feel much more empty. I like both of the pictures but if I had to choose I would say the first one is my favorite. I will definitely include my bicycle in more photos as it adds a personal element.

bicycle, fog, highway

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