A Faster Summer than I Could Ever Have Hoped for

cherry blossom

Lightning Summer

According to statistics +30 degrees in the middle of May in Finland only happens a few times per century. As most people I was quite surprised when it was suddenly summer outside. And of course after a long, cold winter it feels extra good to have an early summer. For landscape photography many new opportunities arise, and others disappear temporarily with the change of season. The nights are gone already for a few weeks. Even though the twilight provides good opportunities, I want to expand my horizons and try new things.

Photographing in the middle of the day is really difficult, as you probably now. One solution is to go outside in the mornings, around sunrise when the light is still soft, to search for compositions. I find mornings more interesting to photograph in than during sunset. Simply because the night cools down the landscape and you get things that add an extra layer of interest, such as dew, mist and even frost. As I already mentioned in my yearly review I want to become better at taking close-up shots. Early summer, when nature has just awoken is a great time for this. So this is probably what I will be doing photographically for the coming weeks.

dew on grass
signs being eaten by flowers
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