May Photoshop Challenge!

Photoshop Challenge! I’ve been very lazy to start editing in Photoshop more even though I continuously run into limitations in Lightroom. So I decided to do a Photoshop challenge for myself this month to become better and more used to editing in Photoshop. For organizing a large amount of photos and applying the same settings Lightroom is great. The limitations show themselves when trying to do more advanced editing. For

Something Completely Different: Experimenting with Food Photography

Experimenting with Food Photography Lately I’ve been experimenting with food photography, which has been a fun creative practice. Photographing food might not be so highly regarded since people in general associate it with Instagram snaps. However, if you think about food photography as still life photography it is a very good practice of light, color and composition. By no means is it easy to make an aesthetic photo of food, it

Winter Night/Quiet Streets

When I move around the city I actively search for locations that could be interesting for night photography. I’ve been cycling past this location for some time now, thinking it could work for a photograph. The weather hasn’t been what I’ve been looking for though. Winter changes the environment drastically, often between days. From a darkness and lifelessness to a white fairy land and eventually to slush before the winter

Trying some different things: Studio, Film and Manual Lenses

For the last month or so I’ve been trying some different things from what I usually do. Mostly because I’ve wanted to learn more about studio photography. Not just about studio portraits but also how to light things in general. The extremely cold weather has certainly also impacted my motivation to do night photography. Still I have been outside some nights but I haven’t been satisfied with the results. In

Exploring a Ghost City – Night Photography in the Fog

I finally got some foggy conditions for doing city night photography. Now I faced a problem of a completely different nature: where should I go? The first location I tried was a familiar one, which unfortunately didn’t work. My main subject in the distance was completely obscured. One option would, of course, have been to continue to the harbor, I know that location will work. However, I already was there

Searching for Stars – Night photography in the City

For doing night photography in the city, I was curious how much the light pollution obscures the stars. Sounds easy enough, but the weather in the beginning of the month wasn’t cooperating, giving only overcast skies and rain. Finally it started freezing and the sky cleared for a few days. To my surprise the stars were much more visible than I had expected. The constellations, or at least the brightest