May Photoshop Challenge – Reviewing the Results

May Photoshop Challenge Results May has already ended a few days ago, so it is time for me to review my Photoshop Challenge! In short, it was a successful way of getting myself to use Photoshop more. The reason I set this challenge for myself was the limitations of Lightroom, which I were bumping into more and more. Photoshop requires a different way of thinking, but it is so more

My First Attempt at Luminosity Masks – Photoshop Challenge Part VII

A Powerful Tool How to do Luminosity masks is definitely the most important Photoshop Technique I’ve learned this month. Also the most difficult one, it was even a bit intimidating to get started. In short, luminosity masks are a way of controlling the luminosity or brightness of a selected tonal value in the picture. Kind of like the lights/darks sliders in Lightroom but you can define the range of each