Filling the Star Gaps! Photoshop Challenge Part 1.5

Filling the Star Gaps Finding a solution for filling the star gaps promlem turned out to be, well, interesting. I found a  free software, StarStax, that not only has a gap filling function but also blends star trail photos. For comparison, picture 1 is a closeup of the blending result from last post. The results (picture 2) are a bit mixed, yes it did fill the gaps but mostly in

Star Trail Stacking – Photoshop Challenge Part I

Star Trail Stacking Part I of the May Photoshop challenge Blending multiple exposures into a star trail photo, or star trail stacking, turned out to be much easier than I expected. Simply import and process. The computer does all the job but it does indeed require a lot of processing power and RAM. The reason for stacking rather than doing one long exposure is be able to control the exposure. If