River Exploration Part II

River Exploration Exploring the area around the river during mornings has worked great for finding interesting places. My first location didn’t seem to be very predictable for mist, unfortunately. Even though I went earlier there wasn’t any more mist. It was floating along but not thick enough to show up in the photographs. I just have to wait for a foggy night to get what I envisioned, but that might

Orton Effect on Foggy Photos? – Photoshop Challenge Part 6.5

The Orton Effect on Foggy Photos As I mentioned in the previous post I wanted to try the Orton Effect on foggy photos to see if it enhances the foggy look. And the results are, well, mixed. To some extent it does improve the photos. For example, in the first picture, the branches become less sharp and therefore less distracting. One have to be really careful how much to apply

Orton Effect: Sharp but Blurry – Photoshop Challenge Part VI

The Orton Effect I first heard about the Orton effect from  Nick Page in one of his Landscape Photography Podcasts. The effect itself has been around for a few decades already though. Its creator, Michael Orton first experimented with it in the 1980’s by sandwiching two slides on top of each other. One of these slides would be sharp while the other one out of focus. Resulting in a painterly

River Exploration – Searching for New Photo Locations

Unexpected Revelation I’ve been returning to this location a few times during winter to take pictures of the same scenes in different light. My plan was to come back now in summer to photograph the same things in summer conditions. However, the change of seasons unexpectedly created completely different views to photograph. Right across the river there is a small, quite wild looking nature reserve which worked better than my


A Faster Summer than I Could Ever Have Hoped for

Lightning Summer According to statistics +30 degrees in the middle of May in Finland only happens a few times per century. As most people I was quite surprised when it was suddenly summer outside. And of course after a long, cold winter it feels extra good to have an early summer. For landscape photography many new opportunities arise, and others disappear temporarily with the change of season. The nights are

focus stacking

Focus Stacking – Photoshop Challenge Part IV

Now and then I’ve been at places where I’ve notice focus stacking could have improved some of my pictures by extending the depth of field. Learning this Photoshop technique has been in my mind for some time now. No reason to further postpone learning such an easy thing! Photoshop does all the hard work of blending again. Just put your camera on a tripod and take several shots, each focused

house in foggy sunrise

A Foggy End to the Spring

Long Awaited Weather At the end of April I had a lot of luck with the weather and got exactly the foggy conditions I had been waiting for. During these few nights I cycled between to the locations I had scouted earlier. Some worked very well, others not but I even found a lot of new and unexpected ones. Some of pictures have been included in other posts (here and

The Last of Winter – Some Thoughts about Photographing My Surroundings

An Unexpected Find I had almost given up finding any interesting subject when I saw a park with trees that could potentially work. Looking closer I noticed the clear reflections in the thin layer of water on the ice. Now I knew I would have some images from this day! The reflections are so overpowering that they become the main point of interest. If I hadn’t payed attention I could